Arcola Public Library District

Arcola Public Library District's updates.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Board Meeting Minutes: 10/11/04 and 11/8/04

Arcola Public Library District
Arcola, IL
Board of Trustees
October 11, and November 8, 2004

Present: Kibler, Hackler, Veach, Saunders, Roberts, Stout, Pryor, Head Librarian Switzer and Director Rollings

Elevator maintenance issue: Elevator has been having problems – We have contracted with James Tapp/Otis elevator for monthly maintenance and repair. The elevator has been repaired.
Per Capita Grant: The Long-Range Plan for the Library has been completed. The writing of a Long-Range Plan was needed in order to complete the Per Capita Grant. The Per Capita Grant has been completed and submitted to the State.

Donated: Jeff & Rita Saunders have donated a new wooden Trash receptacle for the west Lobby.
Newly installed: New lighting has been installed in the old section of the basement. The lights are more cost efficient and are a part of the Lighting Grant we received earlier this year. Also installed at this time, was an emergency light in the Men’s restroom. If the power goes off, it will come on. One was not needed for the Women’s restroom because of the light from the windows. The lights in the upstairs reading room and genealogy room will also be replaced in the future.

Library Website: Jessi White continues working on the web site. After working with computer consultant Andy Temples it will be possible for her to update and keep it current from her home. The address for the web site has changed to the following:

There have been 3 policy changes:
  1. The Meeting Room policy has been modified. Anyone interested in using the room in the basement can contact the Library to get a copy of the policy.
  2. Copy charges policy has been changed. The charge will be 10 cents per page, back to back copies will be considered to be 2 copies. There will no longer be a reduction for bringing your own paper.

New Library card policy: 1 form of identification will be needed, the new card will be mailed to the address, when the card arrives it will then be active and can be used. If the card is returned to the Library the card will not be activated.

Landscaping: Elliot Smith approached the Library about completing the landscaping around the Library for his Eagle Scout Project. He presented plans to the Library. Work is to start soon. If anyone would like to donate to this project, see Librarian Switzer. Be sure to designate that the funds are for the landscaping project.

Children’s area computer: We will be purchasing a new computer and monitor workstation for the basement area. In order to go on-line for material check-out, another port will be purchased at a cost of approximately$4000. This will enable the patrons to check out material in the downstairs and not have to go upstairs.

Board Member positions: There are four Board member positions up for re-election in the April election. Members whose terms expire: Jon Kibler, Sue Stout, Jaye Roberts and Rick Hackler, who was appointed to complete Dick Millers term. Three of the board members are seeking re-election. Anyone interested in filing a petition may pick up the materials at the Library. The term is for four years.

Humboldt annexation continues: The Library is currently extending Temporary Library Cards to people in Humboldt Township. This card can be used at any Lincoln Trail Library, which includes the Mattoon City Library. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this offer. The card would be active until the possible annexation is put on the ballot.

The Teen Advisory Board: Librarian Switzer is meeting with a group of young adults. They are to help with creating programs and areas of interest for youth in the Library.

English Classes: Mrs. Doris Perez has approached the Board about holding classes to teach English to Spanish speaking patrons. Details are to be worked out.


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